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DIY headphone stand

After i moved my desk to the workshop i had to adjust a lot of things ,in result i ended up with a list of projects, i need to build as soon as possible to make my desk more efficient ,and today’s project is the first of the list, a Diy headphone stand . I come out with great ideas ,but because i have 2 headphones and i only use one more frequently, i gonna stuck with the easiest design for now, and save the best one as a later project.
Basically what i got in mind is some kind of a hook or a hanger that i can screw under the shelf , one piece of wood cut and sanded down to a nice and smooth shape ,that can hold the headphone and its cable in place.

Ok, this is what i got in mind, a simple and easy design to make with the minimal tools.

For this project all you need is :

  1. Wood piece of 4,5 x 4,5 cm
  2. Hand saw
  3. Drill with 2 drill bits ( 2 mm and 4 mm ) ,
  4. Chisel or a knife and a hummer
  5. Wood file and some sandpaper

Actually any scrap wood will do the job, it just need to be width enough to hold the headphone stable ,and it will be painted anyway so it doesn’t matter

Lets start then. First I drew all the dimensions on the wood with a ruler , for the arc i just drew it freehand .

The maximum material that should be removed at once is hatched .

I started with the cross grain cut, then with a knife (i couldn’t find my chisel ,its probably rusting some were 😕 ) and a hummer i removed the hatched wood. As you can see its close enough.

Again with the knife i chamfered the edges to make it easy for the next step

Ok ,now the filing part of the build , i rounded up the edges and bring them to the final shape then i smooth it out with sandpaper.

As you can see i should use a file with a smaller teeth …yep!

After a finished sanding i cut the final piece to the exact length , i didn’t do it at first so i can have a clamping area.

I drilled a pilot hole and i counter-bore it from the other side so i can use a shorter wood screw.

DIY headphone stand

Finally the painting, i have black shelves so painting the DIY headphone stand black make sense.

Here is the DIY headphone stand in action!




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