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Diy hard drive rack

I always wanna make a hard drive rack ,because I have some hard drive disks laying around since forever , i use them as an external hard drives and it’s so annoying for me to have them like that , so i decided to build a rack from scratch, but after a wile i decided to use the one build in a PC case, and I’ve got a lot of pc cases that i can use to make a Diy hard drive rack .

Diy hard drive rack

Here is all the racks i removed from different cases , but as you can see one of them will not work , so i have to choose between the 2 left and i should put only 3 hard drives in the rack.

If you have an old case like mine you may have the rack bolted in ,but in some light weight cases you gonna need a drill or a cutting tool to remove the rivets .


I tested bought of them , and i think this one is perfect for the job at least not yet , but it will be as soon as i add some rubber feet , and i just know where to get them.

Diy hard drive rackHere is the rubber feet i took them from the same PC case i removed the hard drive rack from , they are kinda dirty but …hey!  i am in my workshop right!!




Diy hard drive rackFirst i marked the rubber feet locations with a pen and a ruler and no need for precision , i tried to make them invisible from the front and to be close to the sides as possible . With a center punch i struck each hole location then i stared drilling each hole with a 4 mm drill bit then with 6 mm , after the holes are done i removed the burr and soften the edges with a metal file.

sorry for the only and crappy picture of the process, i lost a lot of picture in a faulty memory card

The hard drive rack is kinda thin for the rubber feet to be holed in place correctly, but fortunately i made the holes smaller and that helped the rubber feet to be holed tightly in place.

Here is the results , i’m not planing to paint it , almost all the stuff on my desktop are in black and gray so i think it’s not that ugly to be painted and it’s a diy hard drive rack !.





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