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Diy hacksaw blade handle

There is times when i want to cut something that is hard to reach, and a regular hacksaw wouldn’t work, so all i do is wrap a cloth around a hacksaw blade and hold it with some tape and cut with it, but the problem with it is it’s really difficult to put pressure on the hacksaw blade because of the way it’s held, also it’s not healthy for my wrist. After looking on the Internet for a hacksaw blade handle to purchase, all i could find is those hacksaw blade handles with the same concept as the cloth warping method, that led me to think of making a suitable hacksaw blade handle for me, and the idea quickly got developed in my head to a multi blade handle, making a hacksaw blade handle that can take multiple blade sizes.
After some thinking i came up with this concept:

Playing little bit with freeCAD my new favorite 3d CAD software i came up with this design, it’s a wooden handle that can take a hacksaw blade and hold it in an angle, so all the cut pressure comes from my arm not my wrist, and for extra comfortability i added some grooves for my fingers and for my palm.
The way this will work is by inserting the blade in it’s groove, and with a split screw glued to the handle, the blade can be held down with a wing nut.

For this project a piece of pallet wood or a 20x70mm board and a 80mm M6 machine screw with it’s wing nut is all whats needed.hascksaw blade handel

The drawing wasn’t complicated so i just drew the dimensions on the piece of wood.hascksaw blade handel

I used a jigsaw to cut the handle but a hand saw or even a hacksaw will do the job just fine. The cutting order was intended for an easy cutting.

For the finger grooves, i divided that area into 4 sections so when i file them i’ll get 4 grooves. At first i made a mistake i should’ve filed between the lines not on them but i realized what i did in the right moment and re-marked the grooves locations.

As you can see i just kept filing until the grooves got closer, and for the palm side i just give it a little curvehascksaw blade handel


To make it more comfortable i i rounded all the edges that will be in contact with my hand.

To make the groove that will take the blade i used a hacksaw, because i can get a precise cut and it will give  the perfect width, the deep of the groove is close to the blade’s height so it could be held down with the wing nut.

With a 6mm drill bit i made a blind hole that is close to the front as possible without loosing the hole depth, the hole is perpendicular to the blade’s groove so the wing nut will be fully touching the blade.

The sanding was more fun than the filing, the pallet wood was kinda soft it didn’t take much sanding to look great. First started sanding it by hand, just lying 60 grit sand paper on the workbench to get a flat surface, but quickly i switched to the belt-sander to speed up the process, than again sanding by hand the finger grooves.

In order to split the screw i held it in the vice between to pieces of wood to protect the thread, than positioned the hacksaw blade in the center of the screw and slowly i started cutting, i added oil as needed and kept it a straight cut as i could.

Then i shortened the screw and i chamfered it.

I was planning to paint the hacksaw blade handle in black so i didn’t use clear epoxy, but after i applied the epoxy i changed my mind about the black paint ,but it was too late. to remove the epoxy from the blade’s groove i used the back of a hack saw blade to push it out.

The hacksaw blade handle came up cool so i didn’t wanna hide it behind black paint, i just give it a coat of varnish.hascksaw blade handel

I test it with a metal and wood blade and i really like it, its holds the blades tightly, and those finger grooves came up perfect, the handle feels weirdly good in my hand 😀

hascksaw blade handel


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