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Bench vise screw installation and restoration part1

I took a trip to a friend’s scrap yard the other day looking for a tool chest ,but i ended up taking a small rusty bench vise. i don’t have one, the price was FREE and the most important is the vise screw is missing, this may be a problem for some people but not for me 😀 YEP! i know where i can find a cheap if not free vise screw with its nut. well ,a Scissor Jack is what i am talking about and it didn’t take long for my friend to give me a rusty one for FREE ,yeah! i know i have a generous friend 😀 . now I have a new project ,installing a Scissor Jack screw in a bench vise and restoring it.

The bench vise’s moving jaw was stuck i couldn’t open it until i oiled it and gave it some hammer strikes. i didn’t notice at first the vise base is missing but thats okay i still can use it like that or make a wooden base for it …… yes! i think i will make a wooden bench vise’s base just after i finish the restoration .

The scissor jack either wasn’t in good shape but i only need the screw and the nut, it wont be a problem if i destroy it.

I think i will need to oil those flat head screws to remove them i just hope that will do the job, because if its’s not the case it will be a whole other story.

After taking time to figure out how to teardown this scissor jack with minimum loss, i gave up and i plugged my angle grinder an i started cutting the bended edges of the square washers that prevents the nut from side moving.

Then i just hammered on both jack edges that holds the screw, the steel the jack is made of is so soft it didn’t take much time to free the screw. the teardown is not finished yet i still need to completely free the screw from the bearing and the bushing as you can see an aluminum tube is responsible for kipping the bearing and the bushing in place.

The aluminum tube have 2 punched blind holes that holds it tight with screw, so i just drill or counter sink over them ,it didn’t work at first it’s the reason of the angle grinder’s disc marks on it i been trying to cut it in half but i just turned the angle grinder off and i grabbed a hammer and that worked well!

Now every thing is disassembled we have our bench vise screw ready for the next step: making the mechanism of the handle side.


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