homemade bar clamp – Rebar clamp

I had this idea about making a homemade bar clamp for a long time, the idea involved from making a homemade C clamp intro a homemade bar clamp from rebar, as i didn’t know if it would work i took it as an art project, if it works that’s great if it didn’t, i will hang it in in my workshop.
I have a lot of rusted rebar that i want to get rid of, i’m not going to throw it away but i will make more project with it.
homemade bar clamp

The video:

Parts list:

Name Description
Ø10 Rebar I used rusted one
M10 threaded rod you can use a 140mm bolt
M10 coupling nut i only used the halfe of it so tow normal nut would work fine
Ø30 washer  2 of them with 7mm interior diameter
20mm angle iron only 30mm is needed

rebar clamp parts 1

Name Description
M10 bolt
M6 bolt And its screw
Cone nut I took it from a bicycle axle set (a bushing would also work)
Spacer I took it from an old HHD

rebar clamp parts 2

Making of the homemade bar clamp:

I started with cutting the rebar intro pieces: 60cm ; 54cm ; 37cm ; 21cm ; 2.5cm then i cleaned them with cup brush in drill press.

I measured and marked 14cm on the 60cm piece and 12cm on the 54cm piece then i clamped the 60cm piece in the vise and i bent it to 90° and the 54cm piece past 90°.
I adjusted the angle of the 60cm so its ends meet the ends of the 54cm piece.

I put the two pieces on my welding table then i welded their ends.

Now we have what we will call the fixed jaw, so i clamped it in the vise to close the gapes then i welded it.

After that i grand off the sticking welds.
homemade bar calmp

To make the sliding arm i marked the center of the 37cm piece and i aligned it with the M10 bolt i clamped in the vise, i heated it with the arc welder until it got red hot then i bent it.

I slid in the sliding arm i just bent in the fixed jaw, then i placed the 2.5cm piece (the clutch) next to it, and i held it with weight until i welded it in place.

I marked the center of the M10 coupling nut then i cut it with the hacksaw and removed the burr with a file.

I marked where it should be welded in the sliding arm, then i insert it in the sliding arm with a hammer and welded it in place (i screwed in the M10 bolt to prevent any threads deformation), i also trimmed the excess pieces.

I measured and marked 14cm on the  M10 threaded rod, i held it in the vise between to pieces of wood and i cut it with the hacksaw.

I measured and marked 5mm from one end of the screw i just cut, then i made a shoulder with angle grinder i clamped in the vise.

The most thing i liked on this homemade bar clamp is how the swivel came out.
To make it, i first made the cone washer, so basically what i did is deform a washer with the help of the M6 bolt, spacer and a cone-nut to become a cone washer .

I screwed the screw in the sliding arm and i clamp it in the vise, then i put the cone washer and i welded on the shoulder to prevent the cone-washer from coming out.

I closed the hole of the second washer with welds (Tip: lower the amperage) then flatten it with the angle grinder.

I clamped the cone-washer with the second washer in the vise and i tack weld them, then i grand off the sticking welds.

To complete the movable jaw the handle must be made, so i did the same as for the sliding arm, i marked its center then heated it with the arc welder and bent it.

I screwed in the crew in the sliding arm and i inserted it in the handle with the vise, then i welded in place.

Now the movable jaw i done, i can make the pad for the fixed jaw, so i measured and marked 30mm on the 20mm angle iron and i cut it and chamfer it with the angle grinder.

I clamp it in it’s place then i welded it.

Now the homemade bar clamp is done!


I noticed that the sliding arm flex a little bit, a brace between the nut and the top of the clutch help a lot.


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