Diy microphone – stereo electret microphone

For all of my voice overs i’ve been using an USB microphone, but my laptop already has a stereo mic input so i thought maybe i should free one USB port and use that input, and i couldn’t just go and buy a mic that i may not use for log.
Making a stereo electret microphone is easy especially it needs no power or other components beside the electret microphone capsules.
After i took a look on my junk boxes i found two identical electret capsules, i gathered the needed parts and i made a video of making it.


 Diy microphone

  1. 2x Electret microphones
  2. Female audio jack
  3. Some wires
  4. Male to male stereo audio cable
  5. A tuna can
  6. A piece of Perforated Metal
  7. Piece of thick sponge
  8. Plastic bracket
  9. Zip tie
  10. 4 mm pop rivet and it’s washer
  11. Mic Clip


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